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Tiny Book Collaboration

I’m very excited to share that I am a participant in the Tiny Book Collaboration, a project by artist Hope Fitzgerald. Every month or so, she sends out about 20 books to artists around the world who have requested them through either her Instagram account: @hopefitzgerald_art or the account for the project: @tinybookcollaboration. The only rules for the project are to finish the book and send it back. There are no requirements or restrictions (other than not altering the covers) and there is no time limit for how quickly you need to return the book. The hope is for the project to live on for many years and for all the books to eventually be returned so they can become a part of the permanent Tiny Book Collection, which will be housed in her Father-in-law’s old briefcase. How awesome is that? Books and pages are shared by the individual artists and on the project’s Instagram account.

Since I absolutely love both tiny books and tiny paper scraps, I chose to fill my book with itty bitty collages. I approached it the same way that I approach my daily project and didn’t set any rules or expectations for my pages, I just sifted through my collection of scraps and let the collages find their way from the table to the page. Most were simple collections of tiny paper scraps, but others were also altered with doodles and mark-making.

My favorite tool to use for mark-making is my General’s Sketch and Wash water-soluble graphite pencil and I used it for several of the pages.

But perhaps one of my favorite pages was one that I used a scrap from a gelli print that I had done on a tea bag. After the paint dried, I added some accents with the water-soluble pencil to make the shape of the flower stand out a bit more.

Click here to learn more about the project, see more books from the collection and to learn more about Hope Fitzgerald and her artwork. If you’re interested in participating, reach out to Hope Fitzgerald on Instagram either through her artist page or the page for the project.  

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