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What if there was a world where inspiration dripped from the trees like raindrops leftover from a summer storm? What if broken pieces of plastic and twisted scraps of metal on the sidewalk were actually keys that opened the door to a magical world? What if bark on trees could be read like braille and had the potential to unlock a library of stories that has been trapped for generations?

There is.
They are.
It can.

Inspiration is everywhere, but sometimes it gets trapped in the noise of everyday life and we overlook it. So, we need to take a walk, filter out the noise and open our minds to the possibilities. Join me as I step outside in search of inspiration, collect ideas and share stories from my journeys. Join me for a Found Art Walk…

News & Events:

eBooks are now available for 21 Secrets Summer Studio!

E-books are now available for 21 Secrets Summer Studio!  Get immediate access to all 21 classes in both summer sessions: Playful Experiments and Capturing Moments. Purchase each session separately for $55 each or both for $98. Each session includes: 

  • 11 mini-lessons which each include three videos and the opportunity to learn different styles and techniques from a new teacher in each lesson
  • A downloadable eBook that is yours to keep! 
  • Access to the private Facebook group (one for each session)

New fabric books and vintage items are now available on Etsy!
I recently added a new selection of handmade fabric books and vintage treasures to my Etsy shop. Each fabric book features a cover made from pieces of a vintage wool blanket and is adorned with fabric scrap collages and hand-stitched embroidery. Choose from pages made of un-dyed muslin, an assortment of hand-selected papers or a collection of vintage papers. And be sure to check back often for more treasures from my vintage collection!

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