2019 Handmade Holiday Buyer’s Guide

As the holiday season approaches, conversations about wish lists and heartfelt gifts begin to fill rooms at family gatherings and friendly get-togethers. During several of these conversations, my own friends and family expressed a desire to buy handmade and support artists but weren’t sure where to get started or felt overwhelmed by the search results on Etsy. I have been so fortunate to find a supportive, encouraging, loving and incredibly talented artistic community both locally and on Instagram and wanted to find a way to share this list of unique and creative artists with my friends and family this holiday season. So, I began reaching out to my community and once I had compiled the list of artists, my amazing friend, Jenny Maroney, volunteered her design skills to create a beautiful and interactive PDF to showcase the artists and their work.

The 2019 Handmade Holiday Buyer’s Guide features a Table of Contents that is broken into sections based on the type of artwork or service offered and when you click on each name, it will lead you directly to that artists’ page.

Each artist page includes the artist’s name, store name, links to their work (website, social media, Etsy shop, etc…), a bio and full-color images of their amazing artwork. And many artists have included a special discount or offer just for this guide! Also, if you’re looking to support local artists, each page includes a location so that you can see where that artist resides.

When you buy handmade this holiday season, you are supporting an independent artist, you’re helping to make their dreams come true, you’re helping them to pay their bills and continue to share their gifts with the world. And, with every purchase, an artist does a happy dance in their studio or home office. So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for choosing to buy handmade this holiday season. Download your copy of the 2019 Handmade Holiday Buyer’s Guide below and begin to make wish lists for loved ones and yourself! And be sure to keep checking the artists’ shops as many will continue to refresh product throughout the holidays! Please share the guide with others who are looking for unique, personalized and truly one-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season.

And to make your shopping even easier, we’ve created downloadable shopping and wish lists to help you keep track of all the items you want to purchase for loved ones or that you’d like to add to your own holiday wish list! Each one is a PDF that you can download, print out and fill with ideas you find in the buyer’s guide! They can be easily tucked into your planner to help keep you organized this holiday season.