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Opening Day!


I’m very excited to announce that my Etsy store is officially open for business! I am slowly working on getting it fully stocked, but I do have a variety of my Found Object Creativity Kits available for purchase.


Each kit contains:

  • A Found Object Creativity Kit Guidebook – a 14-page book that explains how to use the tools in your kit, provides a list of prompts to get you started and explains how to go on your own found art walk and add to your collection
  • A unique assortment of carefully cultivated found objects to ignite your imagination (there is a combination of both natural and man-made objects included)
  • A packet of paper scraps
  • A handmade book from reused materials for note taking and mark-making exploration

Each object in your kit, including the container itself, can be used as an art supply. For example, the jar can be filled with water for painting, the lid can be turned into a paint palette and the envelope with the paper scraps can be glued into your journal to hold treasures you collect on your own found art walk.

You can click here to visit the store or you can search on Etsy for the store name: TheFoundArtWalk.  I have more items that will be listed soon so check back for updates!

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