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Weekly Color Palette Inspiration

Color plays a huge role in everything I do. It influences my art, what I wear, magazine and book covers I’m drawn to and how I decorate my house. I have my go-to palette – those colors I absolutely adore and can’t stop using. But sometimes we need to shake things up and break out of our typical color palette. It can be hard. I’ll scroll through Pinterest or Instagram to see color combinations other people are using, but the best inspiration is from random encounters with color in my daily life. Some of my favorite combinations have come from litter I see in the park on my walks with Murphy and how it is randomly blown together by the wind to create a beautiful palette of colors I never would have thought to use.

Each week I’ll share a combination of colors that I’ve found to help inspire you to try some that you may not typically use. This week’s palette was collected from the park where I walk and the parking lot at my daughter’s daycare.


I’d love to see how these colors inspire you. Use #thefoundartwalkcolors if you post them to Instagram. I’ll share my own creations on the blog and on Instagram later this week.

Have fun playing with color this week!

1 thought on “Weekly Color Palette Inspiration”

  1. Garbage palette ! I love it! 😄 My palette is grey at the moment and may not change for quite a while. I hope not

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