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2021 Daily Project – Week 2 Recap: Sitting with Feelings

For an explanation of my 2021 daily project, click here. Week Two: cards 11-19 I have now completed the first 19 cards of the month/year and a new revelation has come to light: my feelings are very hard to sit with on a daily basis. Let me explain. I have always been very aware of… Continue reading 2021 Daily Project – Week 2 Recap: Sitting with Feelings

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2021 Daily Project: Week One Recap

I’ve completed ten cards of my first month-long challenge of 2021 and already, it feels so good to be settling back into my daily creative habit. All day long, I feel ideas swirl and build in my brain like cumulonimbus clouds before a summer storm. I was so nervous to be present again on social… Continue reading 2021 Daily Project: Week One Recap

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I’m a teacher at 21 Secrets Summer Studio!

I'm so excited to share that I'll be a teacher in the 21 Secrets Capturing Moments Summer Studio this August! My class will focus on slowing down to take time to capture the small moments that we overlook every day and how some of these moments can come to have the deepest meaning in our… Continue reading I’m a teacher at 21 Secrets Summer Studio!

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30 Days of Found Object Art

I make art every day. Somedays it’s a quick 5-minute collage. Other days I’ll have an hour to work on a single piece or a few at a time. But at some point every day, I schedule time to do something creative. I credit this habit to the monthly challenges I started in January of… Continue reading 30 Days of Found Object Art

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Weekly Color Palette Inspiration

Color plays a huge role in everything I do. It influences my art, what I wear, magazine and book covers I’m drawn to and how I decorate my house. I have my go-to palette – those colors I absolutely adore and can’t stop using. But sometimes we need to shake things up and break out… Continue reading Weekly Color Palette Inspiration

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The Little Lost Pen (and friends)

I love pens. It’s somewhat of an addiction really. I can’t go into an art supply store or even Target without perusing the pen section. There’s always a need for a new pen: the perfect white pen to write on top of a dark-colored paint, the perfect fine tip black pen to sketch on mixed… Continue reading The Little Lost Pen (and friends)

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Chain Reactions

A few weeks ago, Lucy asked me what a chain reaction is so I tried to describe it in terms a 5-year old would understand, which is not always easy to do. I said, “It’s when there’s an event that causes something to happen, which makes something else happen, then something else, then something else,… Continue reading Chain Reactions